I have lost over 500 pounds. Perhaps I’d better explain. I lost 125 pounds four different times only to regain them! I have tried every diet known to man, and each one worked for me. (low fat, low carb, grapefruit diet, Atkins, to name a few).

I began a weight reduction program in October of 2003. My son and his fiancé announced their plans for getting married on September 4, 2004. At that moment, I made a commitment to lose 100 pounds by their wedding. A “commitment” does not leave me any choice but to stay focused and true to the program I have chosen.

It’s ten months later and I have released 90 pounds. The wedding is in 2 months, and I have 10 more pounds to go. Whether I make my goal is not as important as the fact that I have given 100% of myself to attain it. I know, with complete certainty, that I will look the best I can!

Once I had my goals, my focus and my determination set on cruise control, I knew there was another issue I had to tackle. I knew I was a star at releasing weight. After all, I had proven that after losing 125 pounds four times. I knew that I had to look at the reasons I gained back the weight.

I felt that I did not eat because I loved food. Rather, I used food to comfort me when I felt sad, lonely or unloved. People and events triggered me to turn to food.

I was told by a dear friend about a hypnotherapist who could help me with my issues. Another commitment was made when I signed up with Kim Manning for 6 sessions. In these sessions we delved into my childhood traumas, which set my path of replacing love with food. Due to these sessions I have reprogrammed my sub conscience, and my relationship with food is no longer an insidious one! I am now able to recognize when events or people trigger me to eat; having said that, I must interject that the triggers are fewer and farther between! I can say without hesitation or reservation that the yo-yo syndrome that has plagued me for years will never return again. The single most important difference between this time and other weight loss efforts is definitely the hypnotherapy sessions with Kim.

When I first came to Kim, I was so filled with anxiety that it was difficult for me to even function in day to day living. I really needed relief and all the doctors wanted to do was put me on medication. The first session I had with Kim was like 10 years of therapy. I was able to get to the root of some issues that have been troubling me for years. I now am able to function and feel a peace and calmness that I have never felt. Both of my children have also worked with Kim. My oldest son worked through self confidence issues with regards to sports and life in general. He tried out for and made the hockey team that he wanted to be on and is starting his school year with a new confidence that I have not previously seen in him. My youngest son had anxiety about sleeping in his own room. He now looks forward to going to bed and sleeping in his own room and feels such great pride in doing so. I truly believe Kim has a gift in getting to the root of issues and helping to dissolve them. My family is so much healthier as a result of having worked with her.

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Hi, Kim,

 I hope your summer is going well. 

 Mine is. . .WONDERFUL!  And for that, I am very grateful.  To myself, for seeking you out.  And to you, for your expertise, professionalism, sensitivity. . . all of the wonderful things that make you you, and that make you such an excellent practitioner.


Maybe I'm a little bit delirious this morning, because once again, the scales are registering a nice decline.  Not anything dramatic, but steadily, slowly, I'm "inching" (as in around my waist, hips, thighs!) toward my goal.  It is such a powerful feeling, this experience of success with a problem that has for so long been such a burden.  It truly impacts all aspects of my being. . . relationship with husband, professional life, interaction with family and friends, ability to deal with life's little — and BIG! — frustrations, sense of worth, overall experience in the world.  Of course, I've always known this, which was one of the reasons I was so desperate to gain control over my eating.  I'm finally doing it, and the rewards are immeasurable.


On a purely shallow level. . . I'm wearing clothes I haven't gotten into in years.  As a matter of fact, the scales are now at a point that I haven't seen in at least four years, probably five or six.  But — eternal optimist that I am! — I've hung onto all of my "skinny" clothes, and since I mostly buy classic stuff, I can now drag some of them out of the attic.  Such fun!


On a physical level. . . I'm feeling great (except for miscellaneous aches and pains, arthritis, plantar fasciitis).  I have such an increased desire to move, to do things, to be outside gardening.  My energy level is definitely higher.


On a spiritual level. . . I'm so grateful for all of my blessings, and feel I am more capable, now, to be of use and service to others.  Family members, friends, colleagues at work. . . because I feel better about myself — stronger, more confident and self-assured — I can be a better wife, sister, aunt, niece, friend, co-worker.  It's such a good feeling to get out of one's funk, and be able to focus on the well-being of others, instead of being constantly consumed with oneself, one's fatness, what one is going to eat (or not eat) next, how one is going to try to masquerade their feelings of shame and unworthiness and be "normal" in the world.  So draining.  Again, I'm reminded of the very astute comment you made during our very first telephone conversation. . . that I would "release" the weight, not "lose" it.  It truly has been a release, and I'm letting go of lots of stuff that weighed me way down, down, down.


The fascinating thing is, I'm not on any kind of strict regimen.  I'm not counting calories, weighing and measuring.  I almost hate to admit it, but I'm not even recording what I eat.  I'm just being sensible, with low fat, low sugar, low carbs, high protein, high fiber.  I'm not feeling deprived of anything; I've enjoyed (baby) ice cream cones and birthday cake and even chips, on occasion.  But — no binging.  Occasionally I'll find myself edging into the "binge zone", but I've been able to short-circuit that vicious cycle before it gets out of hand. 

Anyway, life is good.  And, at least weight-wise for me, getting better. 

 I so much hope everything is good in your world, as well.  I also hope to see you again, in the not-too-distant future. 

With deep respect, admiration, and gratitude,




I've felt the most incredible amount of self-assurance & strength since our session, it's incredible!  And my good mood has just been so contagious, I have to laugh!  I've even been quick witted the last couple of days!  I love it!  And I just had to share it with you!

Thank you!


have a great weekend!

For years I suffered daily from severe headaches.  My internist conducted various tests and determined my headaches were not from any physical abnormality.  I medicated myself daily with Advil, Excedrin and Tylenol, but nothing worked.  Finally, I decided to try hypnotherapy.  I found Focused Solutions on the Internet and have been thankful ever since.  Through my meetings with Kim Manning, I discovered that my headaches were caused by suppressing negative emotions.  By teaching me self-hypnosis and positive affirmations, Kim has helped me to release any negativity and acknowledge my feelings.  I’m thrilled to say I no longer suffer from daily tension headaches.  Thank you Kim and Focused Solutions!

Hi Kim,

I writing to let you that this week has been wonderful.  After last weeks session, I have made great progress and feel that my extra appointment for this Friday is not needed.

I truly want to thank you for your very professional help and your very caring and generous offer of a third session.

I will always remember this wonderful experience and if you ever want to use me as a reference or testamonial, please let me know.

Kind Regards,

Bob B

"When I first saw Kim's picture on the (Affinity-is this right?) referral web site her image spoke to my hidden self and I felt the word trust. During my interview with her I felt a bond form and that feeling of trust grew stronger. Through Kim's acute awareness and attention to
my details she has led me to discover my intriguing inner world.

Kim is a gentle, knowledgeable and intuitive guide and she has helped me find the door to my subconscious. I have gone through that door to find a great comfort that I can visit whenever I choose. I have also discovered tools within myself that are helping me build a better life
for myself  from the inside out. 

Kim Manning is an excellent hypnotherapist (is this spelled correctly?):

A trustworthy, respectful
and focused guide." -Ivy Solomon

Mail: kim@focusedsolutions.com

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