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0-87975-469-9 Hypnosis The Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective

1-57230-054-X Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy With Children

Harry the Hypno-potamus Metaphorical Tales for Treatment of Children

0-471-47167-4 101 Healing Stories for kids and teens Using Metaphors in Therapy

0-471-39589-7 101 Healing Stories using metaphors in therapy

0-393-70216-2 Hypnosis And Suggestion In The Treatment Of Pain

0-87630-700-4 HYPNOSIS In The RELIEF Of PAIN

1930580118 Hypnosis Medicine Of The Mind

0-393-70168-9 The Psychobiology Of Mind-Body Healing

1-55552-069-3 Training Trances

0-393-30135-4 My Voice Will Go With You

0-7872-7068-7 The Art of Hypnotherapy

0-393-70095-X Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors

0-916990-43-5 Sleight Of Mouth The magic of conversational belief change

0-393-70399-1 Hypnotic Techniques

1-89983-618-7 Precision Therapy

1881615057 Hypnotherapy For Body, Mind and Spirit

0136879721 The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

087630742-X Creative Scripts For Hypnotherapy

0-9746484-O-X Hypnotize This

0-91568400-6 Mind Probe Hypnosis

1-895383-09-9 Your Mind: The Owner’s Manual

0-89859-783-8 Hypnotherapy And Hypnoanalysis

0-9653088-1-2 Once Upon A Time… Therapeutic Stories that Teach and Heal

0-911226-31-1 Heart of the Mind

0-87630-650-4 Self-Hypnosis

0-7352-0004-1 Healing Yourself with Self-Hypnosis

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